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Clean Energy – Clean Environment11 March 2009

Environmentally friendly energy developments with the help of EU funding: 7 new calls for applications. The National Development Agency announced 5 new EU calls for applications on 10 March, and a further 2 are expected to be announced this week within the framework of the Environment and Energy Operational Programme. These calls for applications support the implementation of environmentally friendly energy developments by ensuring funding amounting to a total of 34 billion HUF in value.

The key objective of the calls announced this week is to increase energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, as well as energy savings not only in heating, cooling and hot water systems, but also in the electricity and lighting network.
These new calls support the acquisition and installation – as well as work tying in with installation - of equipment required for implementing investments creating higher energy efficiency. Certain calls provide assistance for modernising district heating units and heat plants, as well as transforming furnaces into energy efficient units.  
The way that funding has now for the first time been made available for supporting bio-methane production within the framework of one of the calls is a newly introduced feature.

Reaching objectives may significantly reduce energy costs, contribute to the attainment of climate policy objectives and reduce CO2 emissions.

Central and local budgetary bodies, foundations, churches and - in certain case - enterprises  are eligible to submit applications; applicants may be approved funding ranging from 1 million HUF right up to 1 billion HUF, in line with the given call.

The National Development Agency introduced several major new elements and simplifications from March in the energy calls of the Environment and Energy Operational Programme. The Agency simplified feasibility study-related requirements in the case of investments under 100 billion HUF; tendering was made easier by stipulating fewer requirements. The scope of potential beneficiaries was enlarged and funding intensity was also increased. Another relevant change is that combined calls for applications are now announced in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy. 

Renewal of energy systems in buildings and constructions launched by applicants approved funding will have a positive impact on the building industry even in 2009 and ensure new contracts for the sector. Green jobs will be created; demand for labour will increase in the building industry, as well as the background industry operating in the area of renewable energy resources through investments in renewable energy.